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About Keane Wang (Kainbeats)

My musical journey began with classical piano at the age of 5. I played for 11 years before beginning to compose my own music inspired by the sounds of Debussy, the colors of Monet and the atmosphere of obscure film and game soundtracks. I was able to rekindle my joy for music by creating my own sound.


Over the next years, I would begin shifting from purely classical music to production, beats, and the music you hear today. In my music, I emphasize two things I hope you can hear in every project well: Storytelling and Warmth.

Together, I hope each track of mine can bring you a sense of peace and a distraction from the stress of our everyday lives.

As always, thank you so much for listening; it means the world <3

Dreamseeker, I: Dawn Kainbeats album cover via Platoon, Apple Music
Dreamseeker, I: Dawn Kainbeats album cover via Platoon, Apple Music

Notable Features

Epic Games/Psynoix

Rocket League

Frosty Fest 2022

Lofi Girl

24/7 lofi hiphop radio

Apple Music

Bedtime Beats, Piano Chill, LoFi Sunday, etc. 


Your next soundtrack!

I composed two tracks for Rocket League's Frosty Fest event, featured on IGN's The Game Awards, the Rocket League in game radio and across their media platforms.

My work is featured prominently on the internet-sensation, 24/7 lofi hip-hop study/relax radio, including their Youtube livestream, Spotify/Apple Music/Deezer/Tidal playlists, Vinyls and merch stores.

Sincere thanks to the curators at Apple Music - my work is occasionally featured on their frontline Sleep and Classical (via my classical alias "Keane Wang") playlists, in addition to many other instrumental, yoga, and meditation playlists. 

I'm very open to soundtracking your next game, short film, animation, etc. I'm a great communicator, respond fast (and definitely am available too often for my own good), and will be sure to tell a audial story to accompany your vision. Just fill out the form below and I'll be in touch quickly! 

Blue Skies

Get in Touch

(Seriously I want to make a soundtrack I'll do it cheap)

Thanks for getting in touch! <3

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